VCIs (Virtual Cast Interactive) are
items that can be brought into Virtual Cast.

UniVCI.unitypackage (VCI creation package)
If an error occured during import, check out the recommended version of Unity from VCI Update log.

You may join the official VCI community from here.
VCI Developers Discord


Page Description
What is possible with VCI See what is possible with VCI
Use existing VCI How to use an existing item (VCI)
Create the first VCI Tutorial for creating your first VCI
Materials available to use in VCI The available shaders are Unlit, MToon and standard.

Components allowed in VCI

VCI Object Configure information for VCI (Author, license, etc.)
VCI SubItem Configure basic behavior of VCI (Physics, grab, scale)
VCI Attachable Create a VCI attachable on avatars
Effekseer (VCI support)Use particles in VCI (Effekseer)
VCI Text Display texts in VCI
Unity Component
Collider Invoke a process when grabbed or touched
Rigidbody Move an object using physics engine
Physic Material You can specify a friction and elasticity of a material
Joint Group Rigidbodies and make them behave as if they are connected
Animation Animate an object
AudioSource Play an audio

Guideline on using components

The role and usage of SubItem GroupID What is SubItem GroupID/ How physics work in VCI
Relation between ownership and synchronization of SubItem About ownership and synchronization of SubItem
Unity Component
List of Unity Components allowed in VCI Summary of Unity components available to use in VCI
Things to note when using animation in VCI About animation keys you can use in VCI

VCI Script / Lua language

Page Description
Lua tutorial (VCIScript) The basics of Lua itself, tutorial
Reference TOP (VCIScript) List of VCI script reference
VCI examples Collection of VCI examples
vcireferencedoc.zip (Windows help format: chm) List of available libraries: version 0.3.0 (2019/05/15)

Developer community

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