Configure blend shape on VRM

You need to configure blend shape to use facial expression and lip-sync in VRM.

For detailed specification on VRM, refer to BlendShape Setting.

On the object you created VRM metadata for, you should see a component called “VRM Blend Shape Proxy” attached to it. On the component, double-click on “BlendShape”.

Under “Select BlendShapeClip,” you will be presented with a list of facial expressions and mouse and eye motions you can specify.\\Click on a blend shape you want to specify.

In this tutorial, we will specify four expressions below:

  • JOY
  • FUN

For detail on other mouse and eye blend shapes, refer to VRM: BlendShape preset.

Setting values for blend shapes

Use slide-bars to specify blend shape values for the selected expression.
Note: Depending on the version of UniVRM, you need to click on the “Apply” button to apply the values.

Now that the blend shapes are specified, you can export the VRM and use facial expressions in Virtual Cast.

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