VirtualCast logo and the logo guide line


The fundamental design elements of the VirtualCast logo are expressed with the logo and the color described below.

The purpose of these elements is to visually unify the impression of VirtualCast on medias such as websites and publications, which is established to facilitate the recognition of the service in various communications.

Please follow these rules whenever you use the VirtualCast logo and use it effectively for informational and promotive activity. When using the logo, you must use the data provided by us. You are not allowed to edit, alter or reconstruct the VirtualCast logo in any way, including the modification of the design, aspect ratio and color. Furthermore, you are prohibited from using the logo in such a way that it may give others the impression that you are the VirtualCast Official or the operator.

Types of the logos and the color variations

There are four types of logos: vertical logo, horizontal logo, logo icon & logotype, and logo icon only. There are two color variations: gradation pattern and black-and-white pattern.

The recommended logo is the vertical logo with the gradation pattern.

Download the logos

Logo icon and logotype

Logo icon

Usage rule

You must preserve the isolation zone, as shown below. As a general rule, you may not display texts such as a copy near the logo.

The minimum size of the icon

The logo must be displayed no smaller than 16px in size to preserve the legibility and readability of the logo


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