Create your first VCI

Follow these steps to create VCI for the first time.

From creating your own VCI to using it

1. Download & install Unity
2. Import VCI UnityPackage
3. Create and export a VCI on Unity
4. Upload to VirtualCast


Order Page Description
1 Download & install Unity If you already have Unity installed, skip this step
2 Import unitypackage for VCI Create a project required to create a VCI
3 How to create VCI Summary of steps to create a VCI
4 VCI script tutorial Steps to to run scripts in VirtualCast
5 Upload an Assets To use a VCI,
you need to upload the data
To use VCI script
- Install VCI script development environment If you want to use scripts, install VSCode
- How to use debugger in VSCode How to use debugger in VSCode

Video tutorials (Japanese)

These videos are part of an article "VCI tutorial video released! (Japanese)."

[Part 1] Getting started with VCI in 10 minutes

[Part 2] Learn VCI in 15 minutes: Advanced

[Part 3] Efficiently debugging VCI

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