Basic operation in the Studio

This section describes basic operations with the controller in the Studio.

How to move

You can move and turn by the left controller's trackpad/stick.
If you suffer VR motion sickness, you can change your movement style from slide to teleport.

↑ ・ ↓ Step forward / Step back
←・→TurnLeft / TurnRight


Ring menu

You can activate the ring menu by pressing the menu button.
While the ring menu is open, you can choose an item by pulling the trigger, side scrolling the menu by trigger drag and going back one step of the menu by pressing the menu button.

Ring menu
Hold triggerScroll
Menu buttonBack


You can change the shape of your fingers with the controller's trackpad or stick.


You can control your facial expression (VRM blendshape) by the right controller's trackpad/stick.


How to use the item

You can grab item, nameplate and picture by trigger.
Pushing a grip button while grabbing an item will activate gimmicks in some items.

The Basic Operation of Items

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