This page explains how to use the items and how to create your own items.
Please check with the type of play as the use of items differs between Studio and Room.
There are two types of items: preset items and custom items.

Preset Items

Preset items are the default items in the VirtualCast.



Custom Items

Custom items are freely available items submitted to User Store.

Use Public Items

You can use items published by other users.

Use Existing Assets


Here is some information for those who want to use their own items in the VirtualCast.

You can create your own item called VCI for use in the VirtualCast.
Create your first VCI

Upload an Assets

How to use Items

See The Basic Operation of Items for basic operation of items.

  • A studio can put out one of the same custom items.
  • A room can put out some of the same custom items.

Context Menu

You can use the context menu to purchase items and set the volume for each item.
Context Menu [Studio]

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