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Item [Studio]

From [Item] in the Ring menu, you can choose an item to spawn it in the studio.
Most items are grabbable with the trigger. Some items are also spawnable by guests.

Tidy Up

Put away all the preset items you spawned at once.


Pull the items out of the studio to hand.

List of Items

Camera Monitor [Studio]Monitor reflecting mirror
Squeaky Hammer [Studio]Hammer with sound and effects playing
Microphone [Studio]It is possible to change the comment drop position
Handy Camera [Studio]Change the image on the monitor camera
Tracking Camera [Studio]Camera to focus attention on the player
Switching Camera [Studio]Camera changing position at random
Fan [Studio]Item with sound and effects played
Mosaic [Studio]Mosaic covering a space. Can also be mounted
Marker [Studio]It is possible to write letters on the Whiteboard [Studio]
Whiteboard [Studio]It is possible to draw with Marker [Studio]
○× Sign [Studio]Sounds “correct” and “incorrect”
Display [Studio]Displays only its own desktop
Laser Pointer [Studio]Used to control another item from a distance
Cue card [Studio]Images can be loaded from external sources
Capture [Studio]Take and save photos
Light Source [Studio]Change the direction and intensity of light in the studio
Video Player [Studio]Play Niconico and YouTube videos in the studio
Video Capture [Studio]Capture up to 10 seconds of video
Mirror [Studio]Mirror
External Input Monitor [Studio]External device video input displayed in VirtualCast
Guest Camera [Studio]Cameras available for guest use
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