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Switching Camera [Studio]

When you use a Switching camera, it switches the video shown on the desktop screen (and the camera monitor).
Unlike other cameras, it switches the camera feed as soon as the switching camera is spawned.
It changes its position randomly in regular intervals. It is suitable for streaming music performance and dance.

Basic Operation

Operation Behavior
Scale with both hands Not scalable (Not grabbable)
Grip None (Not grabbable)

Visibility / Lock

Changeable from the context menu No
Spec. Invisible from viewers.
Changeable from the context menu No

Other specs.

  • The position the switching camera appears is not completely random. The chance of it appearing in front of players is higher.
  • You cannot use the laser pointer against a switching camera.
  • You cannot perform the basic operation of items against the switching camera.
  • Use the switching feature of other cameras, such as a camera monitor, to switch from the switching camera to another camera.
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