Things to note when using animation

  • Animation in VCI has limitation to the keys assignable.
  • You cannot control Unity components through an AnimationClip.
  • Use VCI script (Lua) for the things you want to control in VCI.

~= What can be set as a key in VCI animation clip

  • transform: position
  • transform: rotation
  • transform: scale
  • BlendShape

Note: Even if you configure parameters to other components, they will not be exported in output VCI.

Why can't we save more keys?

Animations can take various structures depending on the media to record and play and what to record.
For instance, You cannot replicate a car race with a human animation file, as they have a different structure.

Animation in VCI is different from the animation in Unity.
For instance, it would be meaningless to include an animation that is not supported by VCI. VCI is not a data format that can record all data in Unity.

In other words, Unity's AnimationClip can have numerous kind of data assigned as its key, but they are different from data that a VCI can make use of.
That is why the problem of not being able to play a certain animation even though its key is configured in an AnimationClip occurs.

Flow chart for using Animation

The time is the trigger to the process → NO → Use Lua to control
The content of the process is a movement of an object→NO→Use Lua to control
(Position, rotation, scale and blendshape) ↓YES
Use AnimationClip to control

If you wish to control an element that is not controllable from Animation nor Lua, we recommend you to make a request on our Discord. Please write what do you want to do and what is the problem in doing so. That will help us discuss what new functionality to add in VCI.

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