General [Steam Settings]

Settings are set from the title, this page is the basic setting.


System volumeChange the system volume for menu operations, etc.
Item volumeChange the volume used for VCI.
Guest volumeChange the voice volume of guests in the studio.
Video volumeChanges the volume of the item Video Player [Studio].

Voice chat audio quality

You can adjust the bit rate of the audio sent and received.
(0 to 100 doesn't literally indicate the bit rate)

Mic Input Volume

Adjusts the voice chat volume for yourself.
If you are streaming, you need to separately adjust your voice volume in streaming software.

Input device

Change the audio input device such as microphones.
There is a volume gauge below, so you can check the microphone.

Echo canceler

It reduces residual echo.
It also has the feature to reduce the volume of output while you are talking.

Audio pre-processor

Process the noises that enter microphone, such as environmental noise, to produce a clean sound.
By enabling this, you can use the following features.

Reverb reducer

Remove the reflective sound in the room from the audio input.

Voice detection

A feature to detect voice.
It internally detects voice and turns on/off the input.

Auto gain adjustment

Automatically adjusts the volume of the microphone input to proper loudness.

When the pre-processor is enabled, the noise reduction (reduces constant sound from wind blow of an air-conditioner or sound from a light source ) is always enabled.


Reduce motion sickness

Reduces field of view while moving with controller to reduce the VR sickness.


Setting the moving speed with controller.

Speed of movementSpeed of the movement when changing the position with controller.
Speed of rotationSpeed of the rotation when changing the rotation with controller.


Load user settings

User settings are read from config.json when starting Virtual Cast.
You can check the location of the config file by clicking “Open the user configuration folder”.

Language settings

You can change the language setting of Virtual Cast
but, the list of rooms will only show studios broadcasting in the same language.

Delete the cache

Delete the VRM/VCI cache

By clearing the cache of assets, the application frees up storage space.

Restore default

Reset user settings (config.json)

Click “Delete cache and reset” to initialize the virtual cast settings.
If you click after checking “Reset user settings (config.json)”, the contents of config.json will also be deleted.

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