You can deliver a slide presentation by adding images to whiteboard item.


Whiteboard images

First, you have to upload each image to use on the Internet.
You may upload your images anywhere including DropBox, Discord or a server in your room, but they must be on URLs that are accessible from any Internet browser.

For instruction on how to add images, refer to whiteboard in config.json.

Cue cards images

You can also use cue cards which are not visible to viewers.
As with the whiteboard, upload each images on the Internet.

For instruction on how to add images, refer to cue_card in config.json.

How to deliver a presentation

Place the following items in the studio.

When you point the laser to the whiteboard, the image becomes pale. You can switch the slides by pressing the grip button.
You can switch the slides backward or forward by pointing at left-half or right-half of the whiteboard, respectively.

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