System [Studio]

Change the settings of Virtual Cast.

Quit options

This menu allows you to exit VirtualCast.

User Height

Set the height of actual self.
This value is used to calculate the difference between you and your character.


You can make settings related to the volume.


Settings to whether to spawn comments from communication services such as niconico live and Twitter.

Motion Filter

Offset the movement of elbows and knees to replicate more natural motion.
This feature is disabled by default, as some users may experience VR sickness from this.


You can configure how to move within the VirtualCast.

Reload Character

Reload the current character from THE SEED ONLINE.
This is useful for adjusting parameters for your character.

Refresh Inventory

Reload your inventory from THE SEED ONLINE. Used to update inventory without entry/exit when items and other items are imported on the web.

Adjust the height of the ring menu.

Studio Settings

You can change the settings associated with the studio.


If you have your Twitter account connected with Virtual Cast, you can post images and videos from within Virtual Cast.
Here is the list of what you can post:

Guest Display

When you enter a studio of which you are not the owner, you can select the screen to be displayed in the “Display”.

VCI Debug

Switch between show/hide of the VCI debug console placed in the studio.
This setting can be used only when the console is enabled in Display debug information in studio.

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