Control [Steam Settings]

Settings are set from the title, this page is the key assignments setting.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Specifies the key to be operated by the PC keyboard.
Enter one letter of the alphabet for the key in the input field.
(Case insensitive)

Disabling desktop rendering [Steam Settings]

VCI control keys

VCI control key Key bind (default)
Forward Up Arrow
Backward Down Arrow
Left Left Arrow
Right Right Arrow
Up U
Down I
Key1 1 (Alpha 1)
Key2 2 (Alpha 2)
Key3 3 (Alpha 3)
Key4 4 (Alpha 4)
  • The settings above have an effect on VCIs that are controllable from keyboard.
  • 10 keys are available as shown above.
  • The client must be active* to receive key inputs.
    * VirtualCast becomes active when the application window is clicked with the mouse cursor.
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