Camera [Steam Settings]

Settings are set from the title, this page is the basic setting.

Show/Hide Items

Hide handy camera and guest camera from viewersす

Set the item's Handy Camera [Studio] / Guest Camera [Studio] to be invisible to viewers by default.

Movie Capture

Enable sound recording during movie capture

Set whether to record sound when shooting movies with the 「Video Capture [Studio].

CheckedYou can shoot movies including sounds in the Virtual Cast.
No checkSilent movie shooting is possible.

Photo Capture Camera

Resolution of photo capture camera

You can select from four resolutions for the items Capture [Studio].

Select Resolution
HD 1280×720
FHD(default) 1920×1080
WQHD 2560×1440
4KUHD 3840 x 2160

Export format for capture camera

You can select the file format of the photo taken by item capture.
It is output in JPEG format by default.

  • JPEG
  • PNG

Adding Captured Photos to the Steam Screenshot Library

You can add the images you save within VirtualCast to your Steam screenshot library. Checking the box allows you to post screenshots to the Steam community.

Adding Captured Photos to the Steam Screenshot Library [Steam Settings]

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