Troubleshooting | Buttons on the controller don't work or controller is not recognized

When the controllers don't work correctly, the following could be the reason for it.

1. Cooperation with SteamVR is not working well

Restarting SteamVR might fix the problem.

2. The firmware on the controller is old

Updating the firmware on controllers might fix the problem.

3. The version of Windows is old (especially with WinMR)

Updating Windows to the latest version might allow the WinMR controllers to be recognized.
If the automatic update doesn't fix the problem, downloading the latest major update from https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 might fix the problem.

4. Others

With VIVE controllers, refer to Operations|VIVE controllers are not recognized even after powering them on for possible fix to the problem.

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