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Streaming Site Integration [Steam Settings]

Settings are set from the title, this page is the streaming site setting.


niconico live host comments

You can post comments about niconico Live Broadcasting
Procedure is as follows.

[Ring menu > Broadcast Options > “Niconama” Settings > Host Comment ]

You can select comments to post by registering multiple entries in the input field.

NG score to censor comments

You can set a threshold of nico live NG score for the comments to spawn in the studio.
Comments with scores below the set NG score will be ignored.

Suggested NG scores
WeakIgnore below -10000
MediumIgnore below -4800
StrongIgnore below -1000


Nico Nico Live Broadcast's ”184 comment" generation settings

In NicoNico Live Broadcast, you can set whether to generate “184 comments” (anonymous comments) in the studio.

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