This page contains information about the event “MIKULAND2021 ~SUMMER VACATION~”.

The event will be held for three days from Friday, August 27, 2021 to Tuesday, August 31, 2021.

For more information, please visit the official Mikuland page.


Using VR equipment, you can experience MIKULAND in VR.
For details, please refer to the official page of MIKULAND.

For the past MIKULAND Beta 2020, please refer to this page.

How to get to the venue

1.Start Virtual Cast

If you have not yet installed Virtual Cast, follow the instructions for downloading Virtual Cast to install and run it. When you start Virtual Cast, make sure that you are running version 2.1.0d.
If you are running an older version or a beta version, please update or revert to a stable version by referring to “How to revert to a stable version from a beta version” in the section about beta versions.
You can enter the site with the beta version, but we recommend that you enter with the stable version.


Enter your nickname and select the My room you want to move to when you start. If you are connected to THE SEED ONLINE, your nickname will be THE SEED ONLINE's name, not the one on the title screen.
In order to purchase items in the venue, you must have created an account with THE SEED ONLINE and have linked VirtualCast with THE SEED ONLINE.

3.Move to the event site

Enter your room and open the menu when you are ready to move.
Move to the room in the ring menu by selecting RoomsRecommendationsSquare [MIKU LAND 2021 SUMMER VACATION]

If you don't see the recommendation in the room of the ring menu, you need to select My Room and move to the room from the studio.

In the plaza Square [MIKU LAND 2021 SUMMER VACATION], there are links to other Miku Land event sites.
Please visit other Miku Land event venues as well.
You can move between venues by gripping the links.

About the photo

You can use the camera to take pictures in the virtual cast.

About the Venue

There are 10 Miku Land event venues.
Please refer to the official Miku Land page for more information about each of the following venues.
official Mikuland page.

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