Expression of light using MToon

In this page, we will explain how to create an environment (VCI) utilizing MToon.
In addition to unlit shader, VCI supports MToon which extends the possibility of the expression.


The god-ray from above and the waving light projected on the seafloor are made using UV scroll feature in MToon.



The texture with zig-zag shaped highlight is created with brushes and blur tools in a painting tool.
The color can be adjusted in MToon, so the light is drawn in white and the background is transparent. Export the image as a PNG file.
Specify the exported texture on “Color - Texture” in the material.
* To use a translucent texture, configure
[Rendering] > [Mode] > [Rendering Type] as [Transparent].


UV unwrap as tiled squares.
In Blender, you can use the “Projection from View” from the front to UV unwrap before deforming the mesh.
The shape of the object will be the shape of the light, so this time, we created a zig-zag shaped fan.

About the UV scroll

The coordinate of the UV slides in a specified interval.
The most basic way to replicate waves is to use the UV scroll.
Specifying values in [Scroll X] and [Scroll Y] in [UV Coordinates] will animate the texture.
We recommend you to try running it in Unity and see the movement in the Scene tab.

The light projected on the sea floor


The texture can be made from an image of noise or can be generated from Photoshop, as a grayscale texture.
Then, convert the texture into a normal map and import it into Unity.
The wave pattern is created from the normal map, so leave the possibility to adjust the texture as much as possible.
As for the conversion, there are convenient web services that can convert an image into a normal map, so do search for them.


You can just use a Plane that can be created in Unity.
Adjust the scale value and assign the Mtoon material.

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