Resolution for streaming sites

Recommended settings for each streaming sites, as of 19 Feb, 2019.

niconico live

【Normal stream】
Normal stream setting (Japanese)

Normal stream720p stream
Bit rate2,000kbps6,000kbps
Audio bit rate192kbps192kbps
Video resolution800 × 450(recommended)1280 × 720
Video frame rate30fps30fps
Audio sampling rate48kHz48kHz
Audio channels2ch(Stereo)2ch(Stereo)

Youtube Live

Youtube Live stream settings

Recommended configuration

Pixel aspect ratioSquare
Frame typeProgressinve scan, 2 B-Frames, 1 reference frame
Entropy codingCABAC
Audio sampling rate44.1 KHz
Audio bit rate128 Kbps stereo
Video formatResolutionBit rate range
2160p[60FPS]3840 x 216020,000~51,000 kbps
2160p[30FPS]3840 x 216013,000~34,000 kbps
1440p[60FPS]2560 x 14409,000~18,000 kbps
1440p[30FPS]2560 x 14406,000~13,000 kbps
1080p[60FPS]1920 x 10804,500~9,000 kbps
1080p1920 x 10803,000~6,000 kbps
720p[60FPS]1280 x 7202,250~6,000 kbps
720p1280 x 7201,500~4,000 kbps
480p854 x 480500~2,000 kbps
360p640 x 360400~1,000 kbps
240p426 x 240300~700 kbps


Twitch stream settings

Video formatFrame rateResolutionBit rate
1080p50~60FPS1920 × 10804,500~6,000 kbps
25~30FPS1920 × 10803,500~5,000 kbps
720p50~60FPS1280 × 7203,500~5,000 kbps
25~30FPS1280 × 7202,500~4,000 kbps
480p50~60FPS854 × 4801,500~3,000 kbps
480p/360p/240p20~25FPS-400~1,200 kbps


Here is the recommended streaming settings.
TwitCasting streaming settings (Japanese)
TwitCasting Full HD Streaming Mode

Normal streamFull HD Streaming
Bit rate800 kbps5,000 kbps
Video resolution640×3601920×1080
Audio formatAAC
Video frame rate30fps30~60fps


OPENREC stream settings (Japanese)

Bit rate1,500~2,500kbps
Video resolution1280 × 720
Video frame rate30fps
Key frame interval2


Mixer stream settings

 High qualityHigh frame rateLow quality
Resolution1920 × 10801280 × 7201280 × 720
Bit rate306030
Bit rate280032001800
Key frame interval112~3
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